2015 WHAP RG several TE 5th 1 Article

п»їAP World History

Chapter several Early Africa Societies as well as the Bantu Migrations

AP Record Reading Guidebook Directions:

Every single guide will probably be worth 25 points. The educator may read all or sample sections of every guide to get grading functions. Please:

Handwrite your answers on loose leaf.

Position the chapter quantity in the direct attention to the top from the page. Put your name, the date because of, and sequence number inside the upper right side corner. Make use of Cornell Note Taking when you are performing definitions and questions. Specify all vocabulary terms in sentences that contain appositives. Solution the important queries in sentences of at least four sentences.

Understand the following terms and ideas. Keep those inside mind: Whom, What, When, Where, Why, and How.

Climate change and agriculture in Africa

Domestication of lamb and goats

Egypt and Nubia

Present of the Earth



Old Kingdom Pharaohs

Middle section Kingdom

A bag or purple


New Kingdom




Queen Hapshetsut

Economic Specialty area and Operate





Amon and Re

Bantu migrations

Bantu language

Yams and essential oil palms

Flat iron metallurgy

Bantu methods of agriculture

Age units

When you end read the phase you must manage to:

Explain the result of the Nile on Egyptian society and culture. Identify the sociable and political structure of Egypt.

Explain the basic tenets of Egyptian polytheism and its integration in to politics. Describe the magnitude of Egypt trade as well as trading associates with a unique focus on trade with Nubia. Identify Silk art style and subject matter.

Primary Origin Questions: Apply SOAPSTONE to the documents. 1 Examine the funerary statue from Top Egypt, 2200-2000 B. C. E., on-page 54 of the textbook From this painting, what else could you surmise regarding the relationship between Egyptians and Nubians? As to the extent do Egypt endure foreigners?

And also require painted this kind of?

2 Look at Map three or more. 3, page 66, Bantu Migrations, 2k B. C. E. -- 1000 C. E....


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