Business Composition

Unit you M1 & M2

M1 Contrast the ownership and purposes of two diverse business organisations

M2 Assess areas of growth or decrease in the principal, secondary and tertiary categories of business activities.

To get M1 and M2 you could have been asked to full the desks below to be used in an information leaflet about businesses.


Precisely what is their ownership type and purpose?

What makes franchises and charities similar or several?

Business number one:


Which kind of ownership does this business include? Explain this type of ownership in depth. To open and run up a small business that is previously open is a Franchise. A Franchise can be when a franchisee asks a franchisor if they are allowed to offer their products and use their very own company name. Exactly what the advantages of this kind of ownership?

A benefit of this is that other banking companies would like to sum or financial loans to Business. Another positive aspect of this is certainly that they make a profit of 91% in their reviews. Also they are very much known and thus the business file format is confirmed and is fully established. Exactly what are the drawbacks and of this kind of ownership? One particular disadvantage is that they are required to purchase a very large economical investment. An illustration could be £100, 000. An additional disadvantage about a Franchise is that you have to pay the franchisor a percentage of the profit. Also you will have not any guarantee to work which usually isn't very good. Precisely what is the purpose of the company?

The goal of this Franchise is that they compete with other businesses and they have good quality items and services they provide for the customers. One more purpose is that they are there and make a profit. They also have conveniently and recognisable products and services that they can provide. Organization number one APPLEBEES is similar to organization number two Oxfam because that they both present products and services to customers and the auto industry.

Business number 1 KFC differs to organization number two Oxfam because KFC are pertaining to profit the bucks they acquire they keep on their own whereas Oxfam are not intended for profit, the money they obtain is for the people in does not need to for them.

Business number two: Oxfam

What type of possession does this business have? Explain this type of possession in detail. A charity can be an organization create to provide support and increase money for the people in need. A charitable organization is not really run for profit. Exactly what are the advantages and of this kind of ownership?

An advantage of this is they help the individuals who are less vulnerable and don't include anything. Likewise the people that require help get the best aid and they receive lots of via shawls by hoda from different companies. An additional positive aspect is that the volunteers offer their particular help for free. What are the Negatives and of this type of possession?

The negative aspect on this is that they just depend on the volunteers, cash they obtain and the help. Another drawback to Charities is they cannot ask for loans from other businesses and banks since they are a charitable organisation. What is the purpose of the business?

The goal of this is that they help the ones in will need. They have materials and necessities that they provide to the poor and the funds that they obtain goes to ordering materials/food intended for the poor or building new homes or perhaps health centres. Another reason for them is they make understanding of how the poor are suffering and how you are able to stop or help the battling.


May be the economy growing in the UK or not? Country wide and in your area? Explain so why you think the economy is/is not growing

Major sector

The national overall economy 50 years ago was 67% this kind of suggests that the national economic system was extremely high at that time. The national economic climate 10 years back was 3% this suggests that the countrywide economy 10 years ago was very low. The national economy now is 2% this suggests that the nationwide economy now is extremely low. Has it cultivated? No they have not cultivated but shrunk.

How gets the local economic climate changed in the last 12 years?

Yes the economy is promoting in...


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