Caribbean Studies Notes you Essay



Definition of the Caribbean Region


This details the area cleaned by the Caribbean Sea and is also often identified as the Carribbean Basin. It would therefore contain most of the destinations of the Lesser Antilles, Increased Antilles and also the mainland areas in Central America (Costa Rica, Belize, Panama, Honduras) and North South America just like Columbia and Venezuela. The normal link this is actually the Caribbean Ocean. Geological

You will find deep sitting structural features of Caribbean geology which also identifies characteristics. It is the location that is described by the Carribbean Plate and which activities similar tectonic, seismic and volcanic features and operations. Historical

This describes the region that noticed the impact of European colonization, slavery, indentureship and the plantation system. this kind of refers to all the territories in order that one way of defining the Carribbean is to discover those countries that knowledgeable the rule of specific European countries. Thus the Carribbean may be understood to be being split up into the English language, French, Nederlander and Spanish speaking countries and areas. Political

In the Caribbean at least 3 types of governmental systems are found. That they include Self-employed States, Linked States and Colonial Dependencies.



Society is known as a collection of persons occupying a defined geographical region over a extended period of time. Contemporary society in the Carribbean is often considered the boundaries of any nation condition. The sociological understanding of the word society stresses the connection amongst their members. Traditions

Culture is definitely widely viewed as the way of the military spouse can people.

It is often defined as the learned behavior of a people. Culture is sub broken into material and non-material culture. Material culture includes the products of people including their types of architecture, types of preparing food, economic agencies and their types of technology. nonmaterial culture identifies the appreciated values, tips, beliefs and ideas. Ethnical values refer to a set of ranks people in a society confer on to an array of social behaviors. Norms happen to be standards of behavior which can be culturally acknowledged and emanate from the sphere of ethnical values we share.


Ethnical Diversity

Social Diversity is the existence of sub-cultures within a main tradition or diverse cultures in a larger location such as the Caribbean and the ALL OF US. Social Couchette

This is the interpersonal arrangement of society depending on criteria such as race, riches and education.

Social Mobility

This is the movement, usually of individuals or teams, from one social position to a different within the socially stratified system in any contemporary society. Hybridization

This can be the admixture of cultural attributes and exchange of beliefs from other ethnicities. Cultural Erasure

This is where traits or practices of a lifestyle are no longer used over time. Ethnical Retention

This might occur resulting from the planned desire to maintain traditions with your life and help some groups aid their sense of identity. It is also defined as the process exactly where past social practices happen to be practiced currently. Cultural Restoration

This is where social practices that have been once performed are getting revived or perhaps the fashioning of recent practices based on those of days gone by.


Migratory Moves

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