University of Makati-Ccs Online Information Program Essay


Topic Number: 1

Advancement an Online Info System pertaining to the College or university Of Makati - University Of Computer system Science. Main Problem:

There is no available website devoted for the school of Computer Science. Specific Problems:

a. News and story for the college are distributed through word of mouth marketing. b. The school of laptop science may not be searched through search engines. c. Information on faculty and personnel of the college is unavailable. Causes of the issues:

a. There is absolutely no existing site for the faculty of computer system science. b. There is no online information research for the faculty of laptop science. Associated with the Problems:

a. Unawareness on announcement and updates for the school. b. The faculty is miserable of effective promotional instrument of the school's services and facilities. c. Search engines are unable to introduce and promote the college's eyesight and mission.


Topic No .: 1

My spouse and i. General Subject Area: Online data system pertaining to the educational discipline. II. Certain Topic: Web page for UMAK-CCS

III. Meaning of the Topic:

A. Importance and Significance

What do you think are the most effective reasons for doing this study?

Web sites - properly created - are information devices. The efficient structure and content present visitors with knowledge and insight. That they deliver " the goods. " Web site assists people get educationally advantageous information which has a minimum of wasted time and roaming. That is why the University of Makati-College of Computer Technology should develop its own site. What motives you to do this research project?

The researchers happen to be driven by college's vision that does itself in the development, usage and the application of Information Technology which there is a want of a website dedicated intended for the college.

N. Manageability: (Scope and Limitations)

Is the study topic within your capability?

What: An online information system intended for the University Of Makati- College Of Computer Research.

Who: Learners, Faculty and college staffs as well as people of data resource on the net.

Where: University of Makati-College of Laptop Science.

For what reason: In response towards the college's vision that is committed to the development and utilization of I . t.

How: To formulate an online info system for the college of computer technology by utilizing PHP and several world wide web developments tools.

C. Availability of Resources: (Sources of Information) Where do you really intend to find the information?

Main Data: Thesis and Texte

Secondary Info: Internet

Others: Journals, Content articles

D. Expected Output/Objectives

Basic Objective: To build up an online information system for the University or college of Makati- College of Computer Technology.

Specific Goals:

1 ) To provide data for searchers on the internet. 2 . To introduce and promote the institution's perspective and mission. 3. To market the school's services and facilities. 4. To add stability and build good image of the faculty by providing top quality design and content through periodically changing it. your five. To provide Details that is available whenever you want. 6. To provide an fun feature on the website that'll instantly give feedback on questions.

University of Makati

M. P. Rizal Ext. Western world Rembo, Makati City

College or university of Computer Science


Bescaser, MelvicPascual

Reservado, JakeBuiza

Cayadong, JojemarAgoncillo

Plan: Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology Major in Application Advancement


Topic No . 1

My spouse and i. Specific Subject

The Development of an Online Information System for the University Of Makati -- College of Computer Research.

II. Backdrop of the Study

An online information system is a couple of information resources organized pertaining to the collection,...


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