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3Interpersonal-relationship 3Hard 3Client 5High-school 8Days 2Values 3Failure 2Legislation 3Pythagorean-theorem 2Continue 3Movements 2Particular 4Turn into 2Economic climate 2Scene 2Moments 2Mobile-phone 2Matrimony 2Every 3Choice 2Sales 7User 2Psychology 11Fictional 2These kinds of 4Family pets 2The 10Crisis 22008 8Music 2Managing 4Thought 5Organizations 2Street 4Constantly 2Islam 3New 4Calculus 2Digital-camera 2Scholar 2Bromden 2Order 3Auto 2Means 4Friendship 4Japan 2Knowledge-management 3Down 4Capitalism 4Become 3Income-statement 2Triggers 2Slavery-in-the-united-states 3Machine 2Summer 2Germany 4Course 3Split 3Luther 2Changing 2Cause 7There 7Obvious 2Career 2Affect 2Corporation 5Size 2Bike 3Writing 6A few 3Example 3Sold 2Protection 2Carbon-dioxide 3African-american 3Determine 3Income 6Retail 3Goods 10Utilized 3Company 30Business 32After that 2Selling 3Roll 2Lived 2Minor-league-baseball 2Person 14Rock 2Taught 2Notes 2Audience 8Officials 2Today 3Opportunity 32007 7Beads 2Boys 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