Ethics and Public Plan Summary Last Paper


Integrity and General public Policy Overview

Rhonda Williamson-Okon, Maritza Ponce, Kojo Asemanyi


September 8, 2014

Craig Area

Ethics and Public Coverage Summary

The objective of this brief summary is to provide and examine the relationship between Governor of recent Jersey, Bob Christie, the Department of Corrections, and Community Education Centers (CEC).

Community Education Centers is a for-profit company that operates centers in Nj-new jersey as well as protect facilities and patient treatment programs in 17 claims and Bermuda. In an effort to lessen prison masse in Nj as well as the recidivism rate, the state of hawaii has contracted with Treatment Centers with the desires that jail populations could decrease that help reoffenders reintegrate into culture as fruitful citizens.

According to Clarke, Governor Chris Christie insisted on expense reduction in 2010, apart from when it came to money treatment centers, earlier called halfway houses. Chief excutive Chris Christie wanted to enhance funding for treatment centers simply by $3. 1 million, $61. 5 million to $64. 6 million, which might benefit criminals after they had been released. Clarke, M. 2011

Also, According to Clarke, the elevated funding would also advantage the governor's close friend and political consultant William M. Palatucci, who was a elderly vice president and general advice for Community Education Centers (CEC). Palutucci has a extended relationship with Governor Christie. He helped run the governor's campaign and dished up as co-chair of the governor's inaugural panel. In addition , Palatucci has personally contributed $26, 650 for the Republican Party and Community Education Centers' chairman, Steve C. Clancy contributed $138, 525 and CEC provides contributed $372, 350 to both parties. Clarke, 2011.

Conflict of Interest

Providing treatment and education services intended for reoffenders can be described as worthy cause especially if the effectiveness is proven. However , the matter under assessment is whether Chief excutive Chris Christie entered the contract with CEC unethically because of his close romance with William Palatucci. Was nepotism involved and was there a conflict of interest?

According to Clarke, 8 vendors have Department of Correction agreements for treatment center beds although CEC is not one of which. CEC is able to provide the many the california's treatment centre beds as it does therefore through a non-profit corporation, Education and Wellness Centers of America (EHC). EHC has the state legal agreements while CEC supplies the treatment center bed frames. Clarke, Meters. 2011


The American Society pertaining to Public Administration (ASPA) developments the science, fine art, and practice of public administration. В В The Society affirms the responsibility to build up the soul of liable professionalism inside its account and to boost awareness and commitment to ethical principles and standards of most those who work in public services in all areas. Governor Chris Christie a public support person is part of this Society and thus is usually bounded simply by its rules of values. Code of ethics amount three (3) says that;

Promote democratic participation. В Inform the population and encourage active diamond in governance. В Be open, transparent and responsive, and respect and assist allВ persons within their dealings with public businesses (" American Society intended for Public Administration", В 2013). В В В

From the foregoing it does not seem to be that Governor Chris Christie is sticking with this code of values. The relationship between the Centre and the Governor smacks of problem and clashes of interest. There is not any transparency and openness since enjoined by the Code of ethics. One will feel that because of the relationship between the Governor and the supervision of the center the Governor should not be noticed advocating for increments inside the budget for the operation in the center, specifically after this individual has openly called for budget cut. Exactly where lies the principle of...

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