Essay regarding Information Technology Practical Assessment Job for Level 10

Information Technology

Useful Assessment Task

Grade twelve




Precisely what is the DAB? 3

Mark Allocation3



Stage 1 – analysis five

phase a couple of – Style 5

phase 3 – coding and testing your five

PAT Requirements6

What you will have to complete the PAT8



Glossary – Terms and Examples8

Instructions pertaining to Phase 19

Instructions pertaining to Phase 212

Clarify/Refine Customer Stories (Requirements)12

Design the Graphical User Interface (GUI)/Scenes14

Devise Tests16

Instructions to get Phase 317

Assessment Tool19

Grade 12 PAT 2015 Assessment Tool19

Annexure A – Structure of Report28

Grade 15 PAT 2015 Annexure A28




Headings 28

Sub-headings twenty eight




Annexure W – Phase 1 template29

Grade twelve PAT 2015 Annexure B29

Annexure C – Stage 2 Template30

Grade 15 PAT 2015 Annexure C30

Annexure M – Novice declaration (Phase)31

Grade 15 PAT 2015 Annexure D31

Phase _____31

Annexure Electronic – Assertion of authenticity32

Grade 10 PAT 2015 Annexure E32

Annexure Farrenheit – Glossary of Terms33

Grade twelve PAT 2015 Annexure F33

Annexure G – Example34

Grade 15 PAT 2015 Annexure G34

Guidance Remarks for Teachers35

Teacher Direction PAT Level 10 201535

What are the learners required to do and supply? 35

How will learners begin it? 35

Skills required35

What must the scholars be educated beforehand? thirty-six


Spanish student authentication from the PAT36

Position of the teacher37

Supervised/Controlled conditions37

Managing the PAT38

Analysis Evidence38



What is the PAT?

The TERRY is a software development job in which you will have an opportunity to demonstrate your programming skills and understanding of the relationship between the different areas of remedy development. You will probably be required to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the application development your life cycle through analysis, design and style, coding and testing of the project. You need to show successful use of the application design equipment and tactics which you have researched. You need to give the following outputs:

A report to (Phase 1)

discuss the research/investigation performed regarding the job provide a brief descritption from the purpose and scope of the project present analysis of your possible option

a document outliing the program design (Phase 2)

a working Scratch plan, fully noted, that accessories the planned solution (Phase 3) Be aware:

You will also have to demonstrate and discuss the program within a debriefing session. Mark Portion


Development Phase

Greatest extent Mark


Phase one particular




Period 2

Design and style



Phase 3

Coding and Testing

Complexness Level






Final product and impression






The PAT is important 25% of the final indicate for IT, therefore it is crucial that you try to produce job of a excessive standard. The PAT is a compulsory component of the final end-of-year examination for IT. You need to finish your TERRY before you start the Grade 12 end-of-year assessment. Not submitting your PAT or any section of the PAT, means that you will be awarded a zero (" 0”) for the PAT component of the examination or the parts not submitted.


Educational Software

Educational software will be programs that will help people to learn about particular subjects, grow concepts, enhance development, appreciate a concept, or perhaps assist these people in learning certain subject content or a skill as they use the program. Considering the requirements specified in this doc (see DAB Requirements, p6), choose virtually any school subject matter and build a Delphi/Java educational software program to support teaching and learning in South African schools. Ideas for educational software:

An educational video game

Drilling statistical concepts including addition,...


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