Project Managing Proposal Dissertation

| Approach the Pyramid Project


job proposal


Stand of Items

Table of Contents

Business Summary4

Managing Proposal5

Administration Approach5

Company Chart6

Scope Statement: 6

Project Reason: 6

Requirements: 6

Giveaways: 6

Task Success Conditions: 7

Project Team Members: 7

Work Break down Structure (WBS)8

MSP Actions, Sequencing & Dependencies8

MSP Schedule, Network & Crucial Path8

Managing Risk Analysis8

Potential dangers identified: almost eight

Risk analysis: 8

Risk Strategies/Strategy Options: 8

Managing risk: on the lookout for

Reviewing risk/Monitor and control: 9

Risikomanagement Plan9


Roles and Responsibilities9

Spending budget and Schedule Estimates9

Risk Categories9

Risk Communications and Impact9

Risk Documentation10

Risk Impact/Probability Data Worksheet10

Make-or-Buy Analysis12

Generate or Acquire Analysis Example13

Subcontractor RFP(s)14

RFP Case in point 115

RFP Example 216

Subcontractor Evaluation(s)17

Technical Proposal18

Surveys & site justification18



Technical issues: 27

How the challenges will be met: twenty seven

Technical risk analysis: 28

Risk management prepare: 28


Cost Proposal30



Labor Rates31

Total Labor Costs32

Material Costs32

Tools & Maintenance33


Total Cost Estimate34

Marketing Program to Subsidize Job Costs34

Push the Great Pyramid Foundation34

Cost Benefit Analysis35

Contract Type35

Cost Sharing Formula36

Gained Value Management37

Executive Synopsis

As of Sept of this 12 months MummyMovers have been involved in more than 100 private and general public sector building projects in countries all over the world. Our expertise in building project managing as well as relocation projects is much more conducive to relocating the important historical and archeological facets of this project – which is tombs of Khufu's Pyramid. MummyMovers has a high level of experience in project management and a strong reputation success. We certainly have strategic units with US, The uk, and Silk chemical businesses, quarries, concrete companies, and industrial gear leasing firms. We have been associated with several projects including moving the London Bridge, ElMarwa Holiday resort in ElArish, El-Fayrouz Area Renovation, Khofou Hall Reconstruction, Zahret Asyot Towers, and Zaghlol Classic Mosque. We plan to dismantle the current Khufu Pyramid obstruct by prevent from the top rated down and rebuild the Khufu Pyramid using new and existing materials at a site 12-15 miles to the southwest while reclaiming the initial Khufu Pyramids site. We certainly have enlisted authorities in development and archeology to assist all of us in this undertaking. Should any kind of new artifacts be discovered during the dismantling we will have the ancient expertise available for retrieval and preservation. We all plan to make a commemorative area on the existing Pyramid web page utilizing some of the original supplies that may not be reused at the new web page. We is going to build a multi purpose facility near the new Pyramid that we will certainly turn over for the Egyptian federal government once the task is total. This facility can be used being a conference middle, tourist hub, visitor's centre, etc . With the assistance from the Egyptian Govt, we will construct a railway and roadway to the new site. We will work with the regional cities and utility companies to provide utilities to the new Pyramid site. Since this is a large project we will certainly sub-contract a large portion of the project which include infrastructure creation, construction, and manufacturing procedures; however , MummyMovers will supervise all historical aspects of this project to guarantee the work is done to the fulfillment of the GOE. Our strategy shows we could meet the opportunity, budget, and time constraints as established by the...


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