Media Studies Dove Dissertation


The following report is in any well-liked television advertising campaign with regards to some of the following a few categories •Age



This kind of report I will focus on the following topics.

•Breakdown of characters

•How characters are displayed?

•Actions and dialogues with the characters

•The style (genre) of the advertisement and its target – the gender chart selling? •The impact that every one of the above might have on perceptions, attitudes or actions of audience associates For my personal assignment I use chosen to examine the television advert for In cui Pro-age. The categories that I have decided to focus on for this assignment can be age and gender. The advert is located on the following web page This particle report I am instructed to write 1500 words. The topic which I was doing the report for is Used Media Studies. The principle aims with this module is to explore the economic, cultural and ethnic for suggested as a factor in the production of media forms as well as the impact of new media on social and business activities. The method utilized and the main findings just for this report will be internet based



In cui Pro-age Campaign1

Characteristics of the women in Drove Pro-Age Advert2

Athena Uslander, a couple of

Elke Görsch, 3

Mirinette Morrison. three or more

Diana Harewood-Baynes5

Dove Study that was done about women6

Review On Pro-Age6

How the offer is represent to the media7

How the press and marketing affected the Dove Pro-Age7


Research List8


Dove launched their 1st product in the usa during the 1955s which was the Dove purifying bar. Presently there products extended to expand, Dove offers a wide range of washing and personal care products and hair-care products. In cui believes that most women over the world young and old needs to be beautiful, as well for women to feel gorgeous every day and also to take good care of themselves. One of Dove claims is that females are ” Honest and open-minded, splendor comes in every single shape, size, colour and age”

Ove Pro-Age Marketing campaign

The Dove Pro-age marketing campaign was released in 2007 created to ”give fully developed skin what needs”. This commercial television set advert was created for the feminine market. It features a group four nudity women in their fifties and sixties. These types of women happen to be from ”Chicago, London and Berlin. ” The women from this advert happen to be every day regular professional employees and home keepers involving the ages of 47 and 62. This kind of campaign premiered for Real Beauty for females all over the world to ”demonstrating that girls are truly stunning, any kind of time age”. No matter what age, male or female and racial you are.

Attributes of the women in Went Pro-Age Advert

Athena Uslander,

Athena Uslander is definitely from Chi town, grew up in Tehran in Iran and lived with her Granny and 3 uncles. The girl went to high school in Iran and then relocated to America to analyze engineering in the us University. Athena Uslander can be 52 years old and a mother of three, " I have constantly balanced my personal work, as well as Life”. Athena hobbies are tennis. Athena has come far since Serbia, she is right now owns her own good business called Silverland Puddings and in addition, she owns her own coffeehouse and food handling business. As you can see by Athena Uslander photo she is a naked white females, even completed she is nude you can just see her arms and legs and side of back photos. She is natural, not surroundings brush. The photo of Uslander is sexy, buxom, stunning stress and an attractive women with her swirling hair. This can be a exciting image and role style for everyone girls in their 50s. In this offer I think Athena breaks each of the rules and shows how women between your ages of fifty and 64 are still gorgeous and can be beautiful.

Elke Görsch,

Elke Gorsh is coming from Berlin. Elke is the most well-known of all the girls in the Dove Pro-Age offer. In this photography she is 63 years old. Elke worked as being a purchasing agent for fabrics manufacturing firm but is currently retired....


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