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BA-Aufbaumodul: Levels of Linguistic Analysis I – Terms and Content, Structure and Meaning (Mi 10-12; Ur. 209)

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Handout two: Morphological analysis

1 . Morpheme vs change




The morpheme is defined as the smallest important unit in a language difference and/or disparity concerning the precise characterization (i) a formal device

(ii) an abstraction through the concrete forms

the term ‘morph' only refers to (i)

installment payments on your Morphological versus morphemic research

• the relation one morpheme = one change doesn't often hold (cf. Brinton 79-82): (1) a. fish

you morph fish

2 morphemes FISH & pl

m. cars

2 morphs car+s

2 morphemes CAR & pl

c. smaller

a couple of morphs small+er 2 morphemes SMALL + compr

deb. better

one particular morph better

2 morphemes GOOD & compr

elizabeth. worked

2 morphs work+ed 2 morphemes WORK + past

farreneheit. we

one particular morph we

3 morphemes 1st p & sg + m + obj

Work out 1: Provide morphological and morphemic studies of the enter (1) pertaining to the following words: mice, considered, worse, you, best, helplessly, went. •


we all speak of absolutely no morphs if a particular morpheme has no concrete phonetic realization we speak of portmanteau morph(eme)s in the event two or more morphemes are expressed by a one morph (e. g. –s on verbs expresses both equally present tense, third person, and singular)

Exercise two: Is the phrase form oxen an example of two morphemes staying realized by one change? Give disputes for and against this kind of a statement!

several. Types of morpheme

NB: As with phrases and phonemes ‘morpheme' can easily refer to both equally types and tokens morpheme


function word






content expression derivational radical

See Handout 1 pertaining to differences among inflection and derivation Around, inflection makes word varieties and derivation (as various word formation) produces new lexemes


4. Types of change


totally free (root)


content term function expression




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