LAS 432 Essay

Society's Reliance upon Technology

1 ) Evolution of Technology

a. Earliest technology

b. Durations of important technological development

c. What does the future hold?

2 . Promoters of technology

a. Dorrie Jobs

w. Bill Entrance

3. Valuable Technology

a. Internet

w. Organ hair transplant

c. Cellphones

4. Out of date Technology

a. Video strapping

b. Analog phones

c. TV antenna

5. Examples of Technological Reliance

a. Social networking

b. Medicine

c. Travel systems

deb. Computers

6th. What if technology disappeared?

a. Immediate influence

b. Long-term solutions

The group provides chosen to exploration the topic " Society's Dependence on Technology. ” Our group users are Matthew Miller, Isaac Scott and Kenny Jeff. Since each of our topic can be " Society's Reliance upon Technology”, it is crucial to look at the development of technology more than history. Technology had to commence somewhere, but it will surely continue to evolve and advance, so these will be crucial sub-topics to look into. Not only did technology have the origins, there have been individuals who recommended and recognized its advancement. Two crucial figures inside the technological frontier were Steve Jobs and Bill Entrances. We will need a look at a number of the stances they will took in pushing technology forward. Isaac Scott will probably be covering these two sections. In handling the aspect of reliability, there are two facets of technology that must be examined: useful technology that is necessary to our each day lives and outdated technology which experienced its purpose at 1 point in time yet is no longer useful. Matthew Callier will be exploring these two facets of technology. Even as we have looked into those two sub-topics, it is currently necessary to check out the " reliance” component to our overall topic. In which do we as being a society place the most focus on technology? Is it possible to survive without these devices? That leads into the final sub-topic: What would happen to society in the event technology vanished? Could we survive as being a society? What would we have to do to determine a successful foreseeable future without technology? Kenny Scott will explore these crucial issues. To be able to evaluate society's reliance on technology, we have to first remember where technology came from. After we determine exactly where it came from, we can observe its progression over the last many centuries. The earliest record of invented technology is went out with around 2400 B. C. It was surrounding this century that the abacus was initially introduced in ancient Babylonia. The abacus was main calculators brought to man. A number of centuries afterwards, in 300 B. C., " Pingala invented the binary quantity system”. Right before the turn of the centuries in 87 B. C., the first device to track galactic moves is created and called the Antikythera Mechanism. Since the world moved out of the M. C. age, the world of technology would start to advance in a much more fast pace. " Liang Ling-Can invented the first really mechanical clock” in 724. One of the most significant inventions ever, the removable printing press, was launched in China sometime in early 1000's. To be able to counter the biological effect of deteriorating eye-sight, the earliest eyeglasses were launched in the late 1200's. Johann Gutenberg would improve upon the Chinese language movable creating press model with a new version that included the ability to organize the type in an alphabetical order. One of the greatest inventors in our record, Leonardo Da Vinci, will become notable around the 1500's for his many technical revelations. Galileo would likewise become quite famous for a lot of his innovations, including the pendulum, the thermometer and the microscopic lense. Other technology continued to generate their appearance throughout the Renaissance era, such as the telescope and adding machines, but the next significant step in the evolution of technology took place around the start of the Industrial Trend. The Industrial Revolution saw the transition coming from rural, farmville farm life to urban, factory settings. The steam engine...

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